Is it Okay to drink Soft Water?

Drinking Water

Benefits of a Water Softener
Glass of water

The main requirement for any water that we drink is that it should be;

  • Clean with no foreign bodies or bacteria
  • Should not contain fertiliser or pesticide residues
  • Should be free of any other chemicals or heavy metals

Once you have water that is fit to drink, that’s it – you can drink it!

The softness or hardness of the water makes little difference.

aqua in a glassRemoval of Minerals

Removing the hardness in the water means taking out the mineral salts. These minerals are absorbed as the water passes through many channels and streams dissolving these minerals as it passes which makes the water hard.

The main minerals that are removed are calcium and manganese. But these minerals are important in our diet. A balanced diet containing green leaf vegetables and fruit are more than enough to provide the body with all the calcium and manganese it needs.

Water should be used to hydrate the body and not as a dietary supplement. So in this regard soft water is fine to drink as it’s main purpose is to ensure the body is fully hydrated.

Salt in a mortal
Salt (Sodium Chloride)

Increase in Sodium

Many of the processes to remove the hardness from the water use ordinary salt blocks. Ordinary salt is sodium chloride and as we all know – too much salt is not good for us.

However, the process of softening hard water produces sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) in low amounts.

So you won’t be consuming large amounts of sodium and you won’t be giving you water an unpleasant salty taste. You would have to drink a gallon of water to get to one third of your maximum daily sodium allowance

soft water from a tapA water filter

For drinking purposes we would recommend a water filter be fitted. All refrigerators that dispense drinking water, come with a filtering system as part of the unit.

A water filter system also ensures that any contaminates that are still present in the water supply are removed completely. Then you really do know that the water is safe for you and your family to drink. Any sodium added through the softening process will also be removed too.

Discover the Benefits of a water softener

Converting hard water into soft water has all sorts of positive benefits which is good for you home, good for your appliances and good for you.

You can see the the Benefits of a water softener on our main page Benefits of soft water

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